Great Adventure Experiences in Peru

Peru is a popular holiday destination for adventure travelers. This country, located in Southern America, has an abundance of natural beauty, making it a top choice for those looking for an adrenaline pumping vacation.

There are so many great adventures to have when you choose a Peru adventure tour. It’s advisable to choose a reputable tour operator when looking to explore Peru and have some adventure.

The guides have extensive knowledge of the area whether you enjoy hiking, cycling or even white river rafting. Hiking is one of the most popular ways to experience all this country has to offer.

Inca City is a highlight when visiting Peru, this UNESCO World Heritage Site welcomes millions of visitors each year. Adventure tourists can choose to hike the Inca Trail which is both challenging and rewarding with different Peru adventure tours for different fitness levels.

That’s the great thing about exploring this magnificent country and looking at an adventure filled holiday, most of the Peru adventure tours are designed for different levels of fitness, so it’s easy to find the best one to suit your level.

Cycling is also exceptionally popular for vacationers. Some of the Peru adventure tour companies provide tours that cover all aspects of outdoor experiences from hiking and cycling to rafting, so you get to explore all the country has to offer in a range of different ways.

The Andes Mountains are alive with cycling paths, both difficult and easy. Rather than hiking, many vacationers enjoy the fun and excitement of cycling their way across this beautiful country and exploring all the villages and sites as they go.

White river rafting is one of the most popular choices for adrenaline enthusiasts who are looking for a different way to explore Peru. The tours available range from three to more days and take you on a whirlwind journey though some of the magnificent rain forest areas. Whether traveling as a group of friends or a couple, there are many adventure companies that will accommodate you and take you along the water, rapids and shorelines of some of the most breathtaking sights you will ever experience.

Rock climbing has increased in popularity in the area in recent years. For a country that was popular with walkers, cyclists and rafting enthusiasts, this is just another adrenaline pumping outdoor experience to add to the list. With over fifty summits ranging from 5,000 to 6,000 meters, Peru is a rock climber’s paradise.

Once you make your way to the top of one of the summits you can enjoy some of the most panoramic and spectacular views the area has to offer.

Over and above the rain forest and Andes Mountains, Peru is also home to some of the most beautiful coastal villages which are flooded with tourists looking to take to the waves on surf boards. Surfing is very popular in the area and can be a great adventure filled vacation for those who want to learn how to surf or already know how and want to say they have surfed in one of the most beautiful countries in Southern America.

Remember when choosing a tour operator for a Peru adventure tour, you want a company that has experience in the area. The top Peru adventure tour companies have tour guides that have grown up in the area and have extensive knowledge of the trails, waters and paths.

Safety is a number one priority when choosing an adrenaline filled holiday. While you want it to be fun and enjoyable, you need the peace of mind that your safety will be a top priority.

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What Kind of Flights Are Offered by Flight Adventure Companies?

Companies in the flight adventure industry-also known as the “aviation adventure industry”-specialize in offering non-licensed pilots the opportunity to pilot a high performance fighter plane while an experienced fighter pilot serves as their copilot. Generally, adventure flight companies offer two kinds of flight packages: packages that replicate what it feels like to fly in an air show and packages that concentrate on simulating air combat USA military style. Ideal for military enthusiasts and aircraft aficionados, the industry’s offerings also appeal to the broader public. According to the industry’s pilots, students, business groups, married couples, thrill seekers and even senior citizens are attracted to adventure flight. As long as you’re 6’6″ or less, weigh 240 or less pounds and are free of serious health conditions, you can take an adventure flight.

When you choose an air show adventure, you’ll take to the sky in the world’s highest performance all category aircraft, the Extra 300L. Known for its extreme versatility and ability to perform even the most complex aerobatic maneuvers with ease, the Extra 300L allows you to execute all of those gravity defying maneuvers that you’ve seen at air shows over the years, such as loops, hammerheads, cuban eights, tail slides, torque rolls, accelerated flat spins, inverted spins, outside loops, tumbles, lomcevaks and knife-edge spins. And to top it all off, you have the option of the Extra 300L emitting smoke steams as you pull off the maneuvers.

As you peruse the industry’s air show packages online, you’ll find that you can pilot the plane yourself or have the fighter pilot execute the maneuvers as you sit back and enjoy the flight. However, when you choose a military flight adventure the expectation is that you’ll be piloting the plane.

Military flight packages range from packages that allow you to perform military tactical maneuvers to packages that provide for all out war games complete with adversary aircraft. Thus, if you want to know what air-to-air combat feels like, it’s wise to choose the latter. When you participate in the war games, you’ll be aiming a real gun sight at enemy air craft and firing simulated machine gun bullets to the sound of authentic gunfire, all while carrying out incredible tactical maneuvers, such as the high speed, low altitude fly by.

For those who can’t decide between air show and military flight and want to combine both in the same flight packages, most companies offer combo packages that can be tailored to meet your needs. The industry’s flight packages come in a variety of prices and durations, beginning with single day, single flight packages that start at less than $500 and multi-day, multi-flight packages that rarely exceed $3,900. To most of us, that sounds like a lot of money. But when you consider that the average vacation costs around 2,000 and doesn’t include anything as exciting as piloting a fighter plane, the prices can begin to seem rather appealing.

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